bain & Savon

Vegan Mascara - Liquid


I suffer from very sensitive eyes and even hypoallergenic mascara was a no go for me, so I made this beautiful vegan all natural mascara. Tried and tested no only on me but also people with other allergies like gluten intolerance. No stinging or watery eyes Great! I use my own aloe vera from my plants I grow. This mascara comes in a 15ml glass bottle with a metal lid.

It doesn't come with a mascara wand, because you can save one from an old tube of mascara to reuse, I find a nice big open brush the best,  just clean it by wiping on tissues.

We create all zero waste products from scratch.  Our mission is to provide products that is zero waste and earth friendly with Herbal Ingredients.

There may be little flecks of white in your mascara, this is just the kaolin clay and makes no difference to the appearance and application of the mascara.

ingredients: Aloe vera gel, glycerin, Kaolin clay, Black or brown iron oxide, Leucidal liquid preservative