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8" Pure cotton topped reusable panty liner/regular light flow cloth pad, ~3" snapped width, fleece backed with a zorb core. Plastic snap fastener. Sorry these seemed to work the best.

I use these as daily panty liners, they are also good for light flow.

Why Reusable Pads??
They are Eco-Friendly, just think how many disposable pads you use a month? 25! (that's if you use 1 a day as a panty liner) x that by 12 months 300 WOW you would stop this every year going into landfill.

Cotton allows breathing and much better than using plastic lined pads.
These don't narrow up when you wear them, they stay flat.
When prices go up, your pad price is finite, no inflation.

After use just rinse with warm water
As with all our pads they can be washed in a machine on a normal 30° or 40° cycle.
Never use any fabric conditioner with cloth pads as it affects their absorption quality.
Line drying is best for the pads and the environment.

Goddess pads.....

We must stress that all our items are handmade and may have a few imperfections ( the odd wonky seam!!) however this will not affect the overall functionality of the item.

Available singly

Made to order.


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