Bain and Savon

Peony Sugar Scrub


Used to gently slough away built-up dead skin cells that have been lingering on the skin’s surface, sugar scrubs are one of our favorite skin care products by far. These exfoliators typically smell wonderful and can leave our skin feeling smooth and soft. But, while we can almost all agree on our love for sugar scrubs, how many of us actually know the right way to use them?

When you’re ready to exfoliate, grab a tablespoon sized scoop of the scrub. Massage the product onto your skin in very gently circular massaging motions–key word here is gently. You don’t ever want to press too hard or you can end up irritating your skin, so maintain a light touch throughout the exfoliation.

rinse the sugar scrub away with lukewarm water.

Now that you’ve exfoliated away that buildup of dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and patted (nearly) dry it’s time to replenish your skin with a little hydration.

Reach for your favorite oil, lotion, or cream and massage it all over. revel in your softness......

fresh peony petals are used to naturally colour this invigorating hand and body scrub. Different colours have been used so colour will vary.