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Vegan Cake Mascara - Solid mascara 10ml


I suffer from very sensitive eyes and even hypoallergenic mascara was a no go for me, so I made this beautiful vegan all natural mascara. Tried and tested no only on me but also people with other allergies like gluten intolerance. No stinging or watery eyes Great!

Solid or Cake mascara is a terrific product that can be used as a lash color, eyeliner and eyebrow filler. It is easy to apply and leaves your lashes soft and natural looking. It goes on smoothly and doesn't clump or flake. You really have complete control with it as far as how much volume you have, I put about 4-5 coats on, just let it dry completely between coats. It keeps your lashes soft and natural looking.

To apply,  moisten the brush, DO NOT ADD WATER TO THE CAKE IT WILL NOT MIX. Roll the brush back and forwards along the cake and  apply to your lashes lashes. Apply as many coats as required for your look,.

It doesn't come with a mascara wand, because you can save one from an old tube of mascara to re-use, just clean it by wiping on tissues.

This works with a lash curler before applying and after it works well both ways.

Note: Like all mascaras, it is important that you use this homemade mascara wisely. Proper use of mascara includes disposal of the tin. Homemade mascara should also be disposed of if found to smell different, strange, or especially pungent. It is unlikely and unusual, but all mascara does have the capability to grow bacteria.

We create all zero waste products from scratch. Our mission is to provide products that is zero waste and earth friendly with Herbal Ingredients.
All our Packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard including the tape which is made from paper.

 Ingredients: Almond wax, Castor oil, Kaolin clay, Black/Brown Iron oxide.




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