Bain and Savon

Eco-Friendly Wood Polish




Homemade furniture polish can help keep your tables and chairs looking glossy and clean, and you don't have to keep buying and disposing of aerosol cans.

Chemical-free: nature's own cleaning chemicals.

No fragrances to irritate allergies: The cheap scents used in commercial furniture polish can trigger allergies in many people, or even in your pets. Instead of stinky fake perfumes, you'll enjoy the clean scent of lemon.

Environmentally-friendly: You won't have any aerosol cans dispersing propellant and needing disposal in land fill.

These ingredients should be safe around children and pets, but it is always best to store cleaning products securely away from children and pets reach. 

250ml recyclable aluminium tin.

Whats even better, return you tin to us and we will refill it for you, even better for the environment.