How to stop panda eyes..

Does your mascara Smudge??

And I know you just blame your “weird eyelids” or your “bad mascara” and have resigned yourself to a life of melting makeup, but here’s a little secret: You can easily and totally prevent it from happening—like, even with the world’s weirdest eyelids and mascara—and all it takes is a few extra seconds each morning.

 Skip The Creams

Not on your whole face, because #moisture,  but if you have a tendency to slather your moisturizer all over your skin, eyelids and all, you’re basically creating the perfect smudging ground for your mascara, especially as your skin heats up and your eyelashes tap against your tacky lids ever few seconds. And that goes for your cream-based eyeshadows, too—skip ‘em and opt for powders, instead.

Blot It Out

Sorry, but your lids may just be a bit oilier than the rest of your face (yes, even if your complexion is drier than the Sahara). And because oil inherently melts and dissolves the bonds in makeup—including your mascara—you need to soak up any and all excess oil at the start of your makeup routine.

My favourite trick? After cleansing and moisturizing my face in the morning, I’ll take fine powder and gently press it over my eyelids and under-eyes to completely mattify my lids.

 OR if the above does not work.

Once your mascara is dry, apply a layer of the clear brow gel overtop. This seals the mascara underneath, ensuring that it can't get all over your face.

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